Our core service helps host sites monetize community solar plants by finding subscribers and managing subscriptions.   

Solar Master Plan

The 21st Century is the Solar Century. There is groundswell support for sustainability throughout all aspects of society for smarter, healthier living – food, water, air, climate. Renewable energy will provide majority of energy generation, with robust growth over the next 30 years.  Solar eX will unlock this potential by connecting solar generators with off-site subscribers, and will deliver amazing services and customer experiences to both customer types.

EmPower Solar

Solar eX is a wholly owned subsidiary of EmPower Solar, a leading solar energy firm in New York State since 2003. EmPower has installed 2,000 residential and commercial systems solar energy systems, over 50 battery storage systems and is a distinguished and award winning SunPower Master Dealer.  In 2016, it received the SunPower dealer of the year, largely due to its No. 1 Net Promoter Score ranking.

EmPower Solar is the solar developer, financier and construction firm to build systems for host sites.



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